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Super Groups Features

LIGHT Features:


- unlimited groups
- slick design
- access levels (public, private)
- HTML "Description" section
- HTML "Recent News" section
- HTML "Discussions" section
- integrated PMS and/or emailing functionality between members
- group members totally editable, unlimited promotions to group officers and group admins with advanced privileges!


Commercial Features:


- option to allow group creation or not.
- ready for Windows servers
- Joomla SEF support
- send group-invitations to friends, other registered users, or even non-registered users through emails
- option to search only friends for invitation
- allow/deny user-input of email invitation recipients
- option to show the Groups Header section on all SuperGroups pages
- use real name or username
- 1 more Group Type: SECRET groups!
- allow public access
- allow/deny group creation
- use AJAX features
- define groups/page
- support for SuperMessenger PMS
- define group ordering
- show friends' groups and invitations sent/received
- define file, photo, and group-logo size limit
- create group templates and use them on your site
- allow users to choose different templates for their groups
- create unlimited categories
- Group Invitations (with AJAX search engine, and option to invite unregistered users!)
- reply to discussions with HTML *AJAX* comments!
- *AJAX* Photo Galleries, with integrated HTML *AJAX* *Live-Updated* comments system
- *AJAX* Video Galleries, with integrated HTML *AJAX* *Live-Updated* comments system
- *AJAX* File Repositories, with integrated HTML *AJAX* *Live-Updated* comments system
- *AJAX* *Live-Updated* "Wall" discussion system
- integrated PMS and/or emailing functionality between members
- creation of group-related events!
- special SuperGroups module for displaying categories and sub-categories
- creation of categories and sub-categories with category logos and descriptions!
- search functionality in every group section!


+++ more!


and more to come! Enjoy our unique access to future upgrades on the commercial version!

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